About Trying to Conceive Bulletin Board

Trying to bring a new little life into your world can be a time of high emotions, we all know that well. One of the things that can make this time a little easier is the knowledge that we are supported and understood during this often difficult time.

That support can come from DH, family or friends, yet there is something quite unique and heart felt about sharing it with others who are experiencing a time that is quite similar.

Without the support that we give each other by means of this wonderful site, I suspect that the road would be very much harder to travel. This site has provided us with knowledge, with hope, and special friendships (and pregnancies!!). I hope that it will continue to be just that.....a place of understanding, knowledge and support.

Just take a minute to think of why we are here, and what we want from this experience. In a few years time I want to be able to tell my child about a wonderful group of people who helped me to obtain my life-long wish.


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