Hi! This is the FAQ for Trying To Conceive of all kind of TTC Bulletin Boards of Parents Place Boards, and contains useful information posted (since it's creation in March 1997) by the members of the various TTC bulletin boards. As an individual volunteer FAQ Creator/Maintainer and as a member of ParentsPlace, I gather this information here in this FAQ, compile and maintain this FAQ by updating it regularly as more info are available on the boards. So please submit any info, input, suggestion or correction by emailing me. Please don't email me your questions as I am just a member like you, instead try to post your question to the board the most appropriate to your situation. I am happy to report that after over 2 years TTCing and a stillbirth, I am a happy mum of 2 wonderful children. I will still maintin this FAQ, so please send me those new inputs as I wouldn't be able to keep up with the TTC boards as I used to do when I was myself TTCing. Good luck to you all!!!
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