A message to all of the newcomers

I just want to share my experience. When I was first lurking on this board, I found it very hard to make the decision to actually jump in the conversation. Everyone seemed to have already formed friendships and they seemed so much more knowledgeable then I did. I felt completely out of place.

But, I did it. And am so glad I did. I found that I had something to contribute, even if it was "I've been there", "me too", "congratulations" or "just hang in there"! I also learned that I soon learned a lot!! And, when other newcomers asked questions that had been addressed in another archive, I could now relay the information I learned. Remember, although this is archive 93, we get a new archive about every other day. It can look very intimidating - like we have been here for years!! I ALSO learned that these ladies are young, old, have babies, are trying for their first, live close, live far away, stay at home, have jobs, etc., etc. So many different types of people!! Surely you will find one or two that you will create a special bond with. Typically, it seems to occur when someone posts a message that you can REALLY relate too.

Please know that those of us who have been here for a while LOOK FORWARD to newcomers. We need the new stories, experiences, smiles, and tears. YOU just might have that fact or experience we need!!!!!!

Good luck to you all and know that you are in our prayers.

Madagan .

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