Info about Who's Who and Updates!

Please bookmark the TTC Who's Who URL:

What will be in the Who's Who Table:

1. Name/Username
2. How many Months/Years you've been trying to conceive
3. Family Information (children, husbands or significant others, pets )
4. Email Address, ICQ number (if you have one) and your home page's URL (if you have one)
5. Where do you live?
6. Other personal info you want to share... (birthday, etc.)
*ALL* of this information is voluntary. If you want to be a part of the table, and only want to tell what your username and your state, or any other combination of information- that is perfectly acceptable, and you can add more info (or remove info) as needed.
All of the above information numbers 1-6 that you want to answer sent to dulcief in an easy to read email at with "TTC:Whos Who" in the subject line.

I would like for everyone to write a short, sweet and to the point paragraph about themselves, hopefully including the info. This way I can cut and paste it and it makes life so much easier.

How Cycle Updates Will Be Handled:

CYCLE Updates will be handled by dulcief- all cycle information should be sent to her at this address: with "TTC Whos Who Update for (username)" in the subject line, that way no one will forget or so she hopes. She will compile this information and will update the table every Wednesday, if everything goes right.
dulcief will post on the TTC bulletin board on Tuesdays asking you to send VIA EMAIL your cycle updates, and they will need to be sent to her by 3pm [central time zone] on Tuesdays to make it into the page by Wednesday. (This is the internet you know- so no guarantees- things will be delayed from time to time or whathave you). But this is the schedule that we hope to follow.

Other Info on the Page:

If you have something personal that you would like to share on the page such as a loss or event in your life that you feel is important, send this to dulcief and she will include it in a paragraph following the updates.

IF THERE ARE ANY QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, ETC. Please send them to dulcief at


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