From Dulcie

Dulcie says:
Take everything in stride, dont let what one person says get you down, they dont know what you are going through. Relax is another word for not doing anything and last i knew you actually have to do "something" to get pg.



From Madagan

Madagan says:
The following is from my journal to my baby-to-be..thought I would share it...

My family is and has always been exceedingly supportive of everything I have always done or aspired to do, no questions asked. I have always known that no matter, why my family would be there for me, accepting of my decision and who I am. In my husband, I find trust, love, and devotion. He would give his life to make me happy. In my friends, I have loyalty, shared experiences, and open arms. In God, I have faith in what will be and love that is unconditional.

All of these person have offered support to me as I have struggled to conceive. But, each one offers a type of support that is unique to them. From my dh, I have his sweet touch, his strong hug when I need to be held, peace in his whispered words of love, and a the bond of knowing that he too feels the pain. My strength comes from him. In my family, I find the nurturing support I have had all my life, the knowledge that they want my dreams of you as much as I do. Knowledge that month to month, their hope for me grows stronger. I can count on my Mother’s gentle words of encouragement and my Dad’s strength and faith in God. In my friends, I am reminded that life goes on, others have babies, lose babies, and some don’t even want babies. I receive practical advice from them. I find diversion in other activities with them—laughter—and day to day miracles. God is with me constantly—that knowledge is unexplainable.

Another source of support has been from the ladies on the bulletin board who share my dream of conceiving a baby—some of whom achieve pregnancy fairly quickly and other who have been trying as long as or longer than I. Ladies who have specific fertility challenges to overcome and others who just need time. It is from these ladies, that I receive comfort in "I’ve been there." What amazing strength you gain in knowing that you are not alone! That others are going through exactly what you have been through. Also, sharing their experiences reminds me that I am blessed in so many ways—other ladies have so much more to contend with than me. Finally, there are time when my experiences can help others. What an awesome feeling that is!

Bottom line, I have learned that support comes in many forms. One person cannot offer you all of the support you need. You heal and grow strong with the gifts offered by many people. In the same respect, although there are times when you think you are doing little things to help a friend in need, such as a simple hug, written note, or prayer, know that all of these things build upon other words and actions. Perhaps that is why healing takes so long, you need time to build upon the gifts of comfort offered to you. In other words, a kind word goes so much farther than you can ever imagine—there is truth in the words—say something nice, or say nothing at all for imagine if such small offerings of hope can help so much, what negative statements or actions can do to the human spirit. They can break down the wall of strength that has been founded.